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About Us

Wandering through the enigmatic valley

Station 580, The Caddo County Ghostbusters, the misfits of Oklahoma. We aren’t your average boys in beige. We’re the bad boys and girls in Black. The Graveyard shift. That toxic green logo lets you know, we’re here to misbehave, shake this community up a little with a METAL perspective that says…we ain’t afraid of no ghost. Our team’s goal is to entertain you with Ghostbusting shenanigans, spook you with some real live paranormal investigations, find some truth in this chaotic mess we call the paranormal on our podcast, with our very diverse crew, dive into some horror movies, but most of all…give to those need a hand with our charity goals. Pop in your headphones, grab a chair, and come hang out at the station with MATT, ELOONA, HEADCASE, HARLEY, K CLUTCH, DOC, JOSER, CHIEF, HOLDER, CHRIS, NOEL, AMANDA RAINAR! Oh, and bring your proton pack….we may get a call.

Our Story

Story Coming Soon!

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